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A quality home inspection can uncover potential issues and reveal critical information about the condition of a home. A well conducted home inspection provides a buyer with a transparent picture of potential repairs, maintenance and associated costs a home may require at the time of inspection and in the near future. All components in the home have a "shelf-life" and professional home inspectors can approximate the age of household plumbing, heating and cooling systems to estimate remaining life expectancy.

A certified home inspector will inspect the exterior and interior of a dwelling and take a closer look at the structure, roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC/R and insulation. Missing, damaged, or inadequate insulation, building envelope air leaks, moisture intrusion, and substandard work are costly to homeowners. An infrared camera helps home inspectors quickly see and find the sources of energy inefficiencies, destructive water damage, and structural issues to help customers make informed decisions on needed repairs.

Thermal imaging cameras can instantly show temperature differences to verify what’s wet and what’s dry and also be used to verify air tightness in order to validate energy efficiency. Properties are susceptible to moisture content, and exposure to high moisture content for a prolonged period of time may progressively degrade a material. The use of a moisture meter can accurately detect and measure the percentage of water in a given building material.

REED Instruments offers test and measurement instruments that assist professional home inspectors reveal missing insulation, HVAC/R air flow and equipment issues, radiant heating malfunctions, compromised roofing, and much more.

All REED Instruments are backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

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REED R2300 Infrared Thermometer, 12:1, 752°F (400°C)-

REED R2300 Infrared Thermometer, 12:1, 752°F (400°C)

Model: R2300 | UPC: 800837004383

Fast responding entry-level infrared thermometer with min/max temperature readings and adjustable high/low temperature alarms.

REED R2310 Infrared Thermometer, 12:1, 1202°F (650°C)-

REED R2310 Infrared Thermometer, 12:1, 1202°F (650°C)

Model: R2310 | UPC: 800837004369

Rugged IP65 rated double-molded housing. Digitally adjustable emissivity allows for accurate application measurements.

REED R8004 Laser Distance Meter, 131' (40m)-

REED R8004 Laser Distance Meter, 131' (40m)

Model: R8004 | UPC: 800837004260

Designed for one handed operation, internal memory saves up to 30 measurements.

REED R6018 Dual Moisture Meter-

REED R6018 Dual Moisture Meter

Model: R6018 | UPC: 800837002525

Pin and Pinless functions measures moisture in wood and building materials (i.e. sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete and mortar).

REED R6018-KIT Water Damage/Restoration Kit-

REED R6018-KIT Water Damage/Restoration Kit

Model: R6018-KIT | UPC: 800837002785

This water damage/restoration kit includes instruments used by professional water damage restoration contractors.

REED R6010 Pinless Moisture Meter-

REED R6010 Pinless Moisture Meter

Model: R6010 | UPC: 800837001368

Non-invasive pinless moisture meter with backlit LCD display.

REED R8008 Portable Radiation Meter-

REED R8008 Portable Radiation Meter

Model: R8008 | UPC: 800837001474

This portable radiation meter detects alpha, beta, gamma and X rays. The R8008 features user adjustable alarm limits, internal memory capable of recording up to 4000 groups of data and the ability to connect wirelessly to a PC via Bluetooth.

REED R8500 Recordable 9mm Video Inspection Camera-

REED R8500 Recordable 9mm Video Inspection Camera

Model: R8500 | UPC: 800837002822

9mm camera diameter and 2.5" color TFT LCD monitor. Saves high resolution images and records video.

REED R5500 Circuit Breaker Finder-

REED R5500 Circuit Breaker Finder

Model: R5500 | UPC: 800837001337

3-in-1 tester locates breakers, tests receptacles and GFCI circuits.

REED R5500-KIT Electrical Troubleshooting Kit-

REED R5500-KIT Electrical Troubleshooting Kit

Model: R5500-KIT | UPC: 800837002754

This Electrical Troubleshooting Kit includes a Circuit Breaker Finder/Receptacle Tester, Continuity Tester and AC Voltage Detector with built-in flashlight. All instruments and accessories in the R5500-KIT are conveniently stored and protected in a soft carrying case.

REED R6015 Wood Moisture Meter-

REED R6015 Wood Moisture Meter

Model: R6015 | UPC: 800837001399

Designed specifically to measure moisture in approximately 170 species of wood.

REED 8706 Psychrometer / Thermo-Hygrometer-

REED 8706 Psychrometer / Thermo-Hygrometer

Model: 8706 | UPC: 800837000057

Accurate and fast responding with optional probe for contact/differential temperature measurements.

REED REED-INSPECT-KIT Home Inspection Kit-


Model: REED-INSPECT-KIT | UPC: 800837004215

This Home Inpection Kit Includes an Infrared Thermometer, Digital Psychrometer, Pinless Moisture Meter, Laser Distance Measurer, Wood Moisture Detector, Carrying Case.

REED R5090 Power Meter-

REED R5090 Power Meter

Model: R5090 | UPC: 800837002433

Accurately measures the power consumption and calculates the operating costs of household appliances.

REED R2320 Infrared Thermometer, 30:1, 1472°F (800°C)-

REED R2320 Infrared Thermometer, 30:1, 1472°F (800°C)

Model: R2320 | UPC: 800837004444

Precise infrared sensor allows for more accurate and repeatable measurements to meet the needs of industrial, electrical and HVAC/R professionals.

REED R2330 Infrared Thermometer 50:1, 2282°F (1250°C)-

REED R2330 Infrared Thermometer 50:1, 2282°F (1250°C)

Model: R2330 | UPC: 800837004536

Dual lasers assist with target area identification and allow for precise temperature measurements to meet the needs of industrial, electrical and HVAC/R professionals.

REED R6013 Pocket Size Moisture Meter-

REED R6013 Pocket Size Moisture Meter

Model: R6013 | UPC: 800837001375

Displays moisture level in wood and other building materials.

REED R8010 Laser Distance Meter, 328' (100m)-

REED R8010 Laser Distance Meter, 328' (100m)

Model: R8010 | UPC: 800837004246

Dust and splash-proof (IP54), designed for one-handed operation.

REED R2020 Video Infrared Thermometer, 50:1, 3992°F (2200°C)-

REED R2020 Video Infrared Thermometer, 50:1, 3992°F (2200°C)

Model: R2020 | UPC: 800837001009

Built-in camera capable of taking pictures and recording video. Easily review saved data on the 2.2" color TFT LCD or transfer information to a computer with the included USB cable (no software required).

REED R2100 Thermal Imaging Camera-

REED R2100 Thermal Imaging Camera

Model: R2100 | UPC: 800837001030

4 image modes (infrared/visual camera/infrared overlay/picture in picture), choice of 6 color palettes.

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