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The automotive industry consists of many sectors including; the manufacturing of motor vehicles and their parts; after-sale service, maintenance and repair; and auto body repair facilities. Whether it is the Quality Assurance team conducting routine material testing at the plant or a garage technician troubleshooting an electrical issue, test & measurement instruments are used every day in a number of application uses across the automotive industry.

Tachometers can help detect abnormal rotating and linear speeds of belts and motors, symptoms of wear or imminent failure. Maintaining proper coolant mixture (i.e. antifreeze) will ensure longer service life for the coolant and vehicle; a refractometer is the tool that will provide verification of a vehicle’s coolant and battery. Coating thickness gauges are particularly suitable to verify quality control at auto body repair facilities during the painting process and a video borescope can be used for unobstructed access around tight engine bays, ducts and hard to reach areas behind motors and compressors. Temperature variances can indicate common mechanical and electrical problems, including engine misfires, exhaust and emissions, cooling systems and heating and air conditioning issues. Diagnose temperature variances fast, safe and easily with REED Instruments contact and non-contact thermometers.

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