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Industrial Maintenance

Industrial maintenance refers to the on-going repair and maintenance of different types of equipment and machinery used in an industrial setting. The field of industrial maintenance does not involve just the repair and resolution of already existing malfunctions. Preventative maintenance is an important part of the industrial maintenance field as it allows businesses to maximize productivity and ensure the return on investment of expensive equipment. Implementing a thorough Preventative Maintenance program will not only extend equipment longevity but also contribute to a safe working environment.

REED Instruments has the tools to help identify and diagnose problems, ultimately preventing unscheduled downtime and increasing plant safety. Visually inspect “invisible issues” such as weld integrity with a video borescope. Perform predictive vibration analysis of motors, pumps and rotating machinery with the help of a vibration meter. Troubleshoot electrical components and trace faults with REED digital multimeters. Verify temperatures, rotational speeds and phase sequence of motors with our thermometers, tachometers and phase sequence indicators, respectively.

All REED Instruments are backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

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