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Water quality tests are carried out daily in order to maintain safe conditions and ensure compliance regulatory requirements are met. Testing is performed to evaluate ambient or environmental water quality (the ability of a surface water body to support aquatic life as an ecosystem); wastewater (characteristics of polluted water, domestic sewage or industrial waste, before treatment or after treatment); "raw water" quality (characteristics of a water source prior to treatment for domestic consumption i.e. drinking water); "finished" water quality (water treated at a municipal water purification plant); and suitability of water for industrial uses such as laboratory, manufacturing or equipment cooling.

REED Instruments range of handheld water quality testers are ideal for chemists, microbiologists, water treatment professionals and building services and facilities management specialists who need to accurately test and monitor the quality of water in wastewater treatment facilities, industrial systems aquaculture, lab testing, pool maintenance, and more.

All REED Instruments are backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

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