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Electrical Maintenance

Proper engineering and planning on the front-end of an electrical project, including acceptance testing and commissioning prior to initially energizing systems, ensures a smooth start-up and reduces problems that can prevent a facility from coming on line. Many studies have shown that routine maintenance, including testing of electrical distribution equipment, increases reliability and minimizes downtime for commercial and industrial facilities.

An electrical system that is poorly designed and maintained, can waste money, as well as harbor potential dangers. The prime function of test and measurement instruments are to help installation and maintenance personnel ensure dependability, efficiency, and profitability of electrical systems and equipment. Test and measurement tools provide reliable and accurate measurements, rather than visual inspections, to determine the status of components and systems by measuring various electrical aspects such as the presence and amount of current, voltage, resistance and power. Clamp meters and digital multimeters can be used to test and troubleshoot electrical equipment in order to detect faults or irregular functioning. Infrared thermometers and thermal imagers are excellent to quickly locate and pinpoint trouble spots generating abnormal temperatures.

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