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REED LM-8000 Multi-Function Environmental Meter-

REED LM-8000 Multi-Function Environmental Meter

Model: LM-8000 | UPC: 800837000736

Fast responding, pocket size design allows for one-handed operation.

REED R8008 Portable Radiation Meter-

REED R8008 Portable Radiation Meter

Model: R8008 | UPC: 800837001474

This portable radiation meter detects alpha, beta, gamma and X rays. The R8008 features user adjustable alarm limits, internal memory capable of recording up to 4000 groups of data and the ability to connect wirelessly to a PC via Bluetooth.

REED SD-9300 Data Logging Environmental Meter-

REED SD-9300 Data Logging Environmental Meter

Model: SD-9300 | UPC: 800837001948

Real-time data logger with integrated SD memory card (optional) measures/records velocity and temperature, ambient and contact temperatures, relative humidity, and light levels.

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 products
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