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A well thought out Predictive Maintenance program allows for convenient scheduling of corrective maintenance, ultimately avoiding unexpected equipment failure. The key is knowing "the right information in the right time". Knowing when equipment requires maintenance, work can be better planned, thus increasing productivity. Other potential advantages include extended equipment life, reduced workplace accidents and increased plant optimization.

An effective Predictive Maintenance program relies on the use of innovative tools and technology to gain insight and further analysis on various measurements such as vibration and temperature, for example. Predictive Maintenance personnel at manufacturing facilities commonly use thermal imaging cameras to inspecting various mechanical and electrical components. In addition to troubleshooting, thermal imagers can also help optimize the production process itself as well as monitor quality control. In the same context, vibration analysis can evaluate the condition of high-speed rotating equipment and allow staff to proactively schedule equipment maintenance. A well-managed Predictive Maintenance program allows personnel to stay on top of asset efficiency and track equipment performance trends to obtain advanced warning of an impending failure.

REED Instruments offers a number of test and measurement instruments used by many Quality Assurance departments including force and thickness gauges, hardness testers, thermometers, scales and calibrators.

All REED Instruments are backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

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