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REED R6018-KIT Water Damage/Restoration Kit

Model: R6018-KIT | UPC: 800837002785

REED R6018-KIT Water Damage/Restoration Kit

Model: R6018-KIT | UPC: 800837002785

This water damage/restoration kit includes instruments used by professional water damage restoration contractors.

This REED R6018-KIT Water Damage/Restoration Kit Includes

REED R6018 Dual Moisture Meter, Pin/Pinless

Pin and Pinless functions detect moisture in wood and building materials (i.e. sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete and mortar).

REED 8706 Digital Psychrometer / Thermo-Hygrometer, Wet Bulb, Dew Point, Temperature, Humidity

Accurate and fast responding with optional probe for contact/differential temperature measurements.

REED C-820 Soft Carrying Case, 8.5 x 5 x 1.75"

Basic soft carrying case for small to medium sized instruments.

R6018 Dual Moisture Meter

This dual moisture meter measures the moisture level in building materials and wood by using the integrated pins or with the non-destructive (pinless) mode. The icons on the display show low, medium or high levels of moisture when detecting moisture in drywall, plaster, concrete, mortar, and cardboard. This unit features a built-in measurement verification and has replacement pins available.

REED Moisture Meters

Ideal Applications for the REED R6018-KIT

  • Construction and Building Projects
  • Remediation and Restoration
  • Woodworking

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REED R8890-FOAM Replacement Foam

Model: R8890-FOAM

For use with the REED R8890 Deluxe Hard Carrying Case.

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