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REED R8070SD Data Logging Sound Level Meter

Model: R8070SD | UPC: 800837004895

REED R8070SD Data Logging Sound Level Meter

Model: R8070SD | UPC: 800837004895

Real time data logger with integrated SD memory card measures/records general sound levels and meets IEC 61672-1 Type 2 standards.

REED R8070SD Offers

This R8070SD has triple range measurement and features Data hold, Max/Min functions, and an easy-to-read backlit LCD display. Using a SD card (max 16GB), a user can manually record up to 99 readings or automatically by selecting a desired sampling rate from 1 to 3600 seconds. Quickly generate an Excel file with raw data, all without the use of software. Optional accessories include a tripod and AC adapter for continuous long-term monitoring.


  • High accuracy of ±1.0dB to 1kHz meets Type 2 standards
  • Triple range measurement (50dB dynamic range)
  • A & C frequency weighting
  • Fast & Slow time weighting
  • Real-time data logger with integrated SD memory card
  • User selectable sampling rate from 1 to 3600 seconds
  • Peak hold, Data hold and Min/Max hold
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD display
  • Tripod mount for long-term monitoring
  • Low battery indicator and auto shut off
  • The single AC output jack (3.5mm stereo mini-plug) provides analog signals to frequency analysers, level recorders, FFT analysers, graphic recorders, etc.

REED R8070SD Specifications

Measuring Ranges 30 to 130dB
Low: 30 to 80dB
Med: 50 to 100dB
High: 80 to 130dB
Full: 30 to 130dB
Dynamic Range 50dB (in each range)
Accuracy 31.5Hz ±3.0dB, 63Hz ±2.0dB, 125Hz ±1.5dB, 250Hz ±1.5dB, 500Hz ±1.5dB, 1kHz ±1.0dB, 2kHz ±2.0dB, 4kHz ±3.0dB, 8kHz ±5.0dB
Resolution 0.1dB
Response Time 500ms
Frequency Range 31.5Hz to 8kHz
Frequency Weighting A, C
Time Weighting Fast/Slow (125ms and 1s)
Microphone 0.5" (12.7mm) electret condenser
Display 4-digit LCD
Backlit Display Yes
Data Hold Yes
Min Yes
Max Yes
Alarm Indicators Under and Over (visual on-screen)
Datalogging Capabilities Yes
Real-Time Clock and Date Stamp Yes
Selectable Sampling Rate Yes (1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60, 120, 300, 600, 1800, 3600 seconds)
External Memory Yes, expandable up to 16GB with SD card (optional)
Auto Shut-off Yes (after 10 minutes/off)
Kick Stand Yes
Tripod Mountable Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Power Supply 6 x AA Batteries or AC Adapter (optional)
Data Output Yes (RS-232)
AC Output Signal 0.5Vrms (full scale of selected range)
AC Output Impedance 600 ohms
AC Output Terminal 3.5mm Stereo Jack
Battery Life Sampling Time Dependent
Product Certifications CE, IEC 61672-1-2013, Class 2
Operating Temperature 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
Storage Temperature 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
Operating Humidity Range Less than 85% RH
Dimensions 9.7 x 2.7 x 1.8" (245 x 68 x 45mm)
Weight 0.7lbs (320g)

What's included with the REED R8070SD

  • Data Logging Sound Level Meter
  • Windshield Ball
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • Batteries

Assess sound levels with the REED R8070SD Data Logging Sound Level Meter

Concerned with noise levels in your environment? Get easy and accurate readings, allowing you to take the necessary steps to address any potential harmful situations. Sound level meters (also known as decibel and noise meters) are used every day by industrial maintenance teams as part of their preventative maintenance programs; health & safety departments who record acoustic levels during environmental impact studies and inspectors when auditing work environments to ensure safe conditions. The REED R8070SD data logs measured sound levels with an integrated SD memory card and meets IEC 61672-1 Type 2 standards.

Record data, save it on an SD card and quickly generate an Excel file - See 00:57. 1. Insert memory card 2. Record the needed data 3. Insert memory card in PC and open with Excel

Ensure your sound level meter is calibrated and offering you the accurate readings you need to rely on with the compatible R8090 Sound Level Calibrator. Learn more about this calibrator by watching this video: https://youtu.be/LVPqIKdOirE

The REED R8070SD Data Logging Sound Level Meter comes complete with a windshield ball, soft carrying case, and batteries hard carrying case. Not to mention a full list of optional accessories… View the complete list of accessories at 1:46.

We know you want to know more about this meter! View a quick list of the specifications at 1:50.

Ideal Applications for the REED R8070SD

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Industrial machinery/equipment
  • Construction sites
  • Ensuring safe working conditions
  • Public venues/concerts
  • Code enforcement
  • Traffic
  • Appliance noise testing
  • Long-term measurement
  • Recording of acoustic levels for environmental impact studies

Click on a category to view a selection of compatible accessories with the REED R8070SD Data Logging Sound Level Meter.

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REED RSD-ADP-EU AC Adapter, 220V


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REED RSD-ADP-NA AC Adapter, 110V


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REED RSD-16GB Micro SD Memory Card w/Adapter, 16GB

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REED SD-4GB SD Memory Card, 4GB

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REED R8090 Sound Level Calibrator

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Calibration Lab
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