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REED R2400-KIT Thermocouple Thermometer Kit

Model: R2400-KIT | UPC: 800837002761

REED R2400-KIT Thermocouple Thermometer Kit

Model: R2400-KIT | UPC: 800837002761

This thermocouple thermometer kit includes a Single Input Thermocouple Thermometer, 3 Thermocouple Probes (surface, air/gas and general purpose) and Hard Carrying Case. The carrying case features a customized foam insert built specifically to store and protect the included instruments.

This REED R2400-KIT Thermocouple Thermometer Kit Includes

REED R2400 Type K Thermocouple Thermometer

Quick responding, displays temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin.

REED R2920 Surface Thermocouple Probe

This surface thermocouple probe is designed for flat or convex surface temperature measurements. Exposed ribbon allows for direct contact with surface.

REED R2940 Air/Gas Thermocouple Probe

Specially designed to measure air or gases in heating and cooling units, ovens and engine exhausts.

REED R2950 Immersion Thermocouple Probe

This immersion probe is recommended for immersion applications and is excellent for checking the temperature of water, oils and non-corrosive fluids and gels.

REED TP-01 Beaded Thermocouple Wire Probe

This Type-K beaded thermocouple wire probe is recommended for basic general purpose temperature applications. The TP-01 is color coded according to ANSI thermocouple identification standards.

REED R8890 Deluxe Hard Carrying Case, 15.7 x 12.6 x 6.7"

Professional grade, injection molded hard plastic case with customizable foam inserts.

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REED R8890-FOAM Replacement Foam

Model: R8890-FOAM

For use with the REED R8890 Deluxe Hard Carrying Case.

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