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REED R2005 Infrared Thermometer, 30:1, 1922°F (1050°C), Integrated Type K Thermocouple

Model: R2005 | UPC: 800837000996

REED R2005 Infrared Thermometer, 30:1, 1922°F (1050°C), Integrated Type K Thermocouple

Model: R2005 | UPC: 800837000996

Automatic emissivity adjustment allows accurate measurement of an application. Includes built-in thermocouple input for contact measurement.

Sorry! This product has been discontinued.

The REED R2005 Infrared Thermometer, 30:1, 1922°F (1050°C), Integrated Type K Thermocouple has been discontinued, it has been replaced by the REED R2320 Infrared Thermometer, 30:1, 1472°F (800°C)

REED R2005 Offers

This infrared thermometer has a Type K thermocouple input which allows a user to connect probes that measure up to 2498°F (1370°C). Featuring a 30:1 distance to spot ratio, the R2005 has the ability to track maximum, minimum, average and differential readings. It also includes a trigger lock for continuous monitoring, the ability to set high/low audible alarms and store up to 20 datapoints in internal memory.


  • Infrared thermometer with integral type K thermocouple input for contact measurement
  • Built-in laser pointer identifies target area
  • 30:1 distance to spot size ratio
  • Digitally adjustable emissivity and ability to automatically set emissivity with included thermocouple probe
  • High and low alarms
  • Trigger lock for continous monitoring
  • Max, min, avg and differential readings
  • Internal memory to store up to 20 data points
  • Backlit display
  • User selectable °F or °C
  • Low battery indication and auto shut off

REED R2005 Specifications

IR Temperature
Range -58 to 1922°F (-50 to 1050°C)
Accuracy -58 to -4°F (-50 to -20°C): ± 9°F(5°C)
-4 to 392°F (-20 to 200°C ): ±1.5% rdg. +3.6°F (2°C)
392 to 1000°F (200 to 538°C): ±2.0% rdg. + 3.6°F (2°C)
1000 to 1922°F (538 to 1050°C): ±3.5% rdg. + 9°F (5°C)
Resolution 0.1°F (0.1°C)
Contact Type K T/C Temperature
Range -58 to 2498°F (-50 to 1370°C)
Accuracy -58 to 1832°F (-50 to 1000°C): ±1.5% rdg. + 5°F (3°C)
1832 to 2498°F (1000 to 1370°C): ±1.5% rdg. + 3.6°F (2°C)
Resolution -50 to 1370°C: 0.1°C
-58 to 1999.9°F: 0.1°F
2000 to 2498°F: 1°F
General Specifications
Optical Resolution (D:S) 30:1
Spectral Response 8 to 14µm
Emissivity 0.1 to 1.0 (Adjustable)
Response Time <1 sec
Display Size/Type 1.6" LCD
Backlit Display Yes
Display Hold Yes
High/Low Alarms Yes (Audible beep)
Max/Min Yes
Average and Differential Yes
F/C Switchable Yes
Trigger Lock Yes
Auto Shut Off Yes (after 8 secs)
Internal Memory Yes (20 datapoints)
Thermocouple Input Yes
Laser Class Class II
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Power Supply 9V battery
Product Certifications CE
Operating Temperature 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
Storage Temperature -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
Operating Humidity Range 10-90%
Dimensions 3.9 x 2.2 x 9.0" (100 x 56 x 230mm)
Weight 10.2oz (290g)

What's included with the REED R2005

  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Type K Thermocouple Probe
  • Battery
  • Carrying Case

Ideal Applications for the REED R2005

  • Verify mechanical (bearings, motors) or electrical (circuit breaker boxes) equipment
  • Calibration and control of heater and oven temperatures
  • Monitoring materials in processes involving heating and/or cooling
  • Quality control monitoring
  • Research and development applications
  • Automotive diagnostics
  • Conduct HVAC/R energy audits to determine leaks, infiltration

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