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REED R8140 LED Light Meter-

REED R8140 LED Light Meter

Model: R8140 | UPC: 800837004253

Auto-ranging LED light meter with detachable and rotatable sensor that allows for one-handed operation.

REED LM-81LX Compact Light Meter-

REED LM-81LX Compact Light Meter

Model: LM-81LX | UPC: 800837000767

Autoranging light meter measures up to 2,000 Fc / 20,000 Lux.

REED R1930 Compact Light Meter-

REED R1930 Compact Light Meter

Model: R1930 | UPC: 800837002426

Backlit LCD display with Lux/Footcandle measurements.

REED R8150 Pocket Light Meter-

REED R8150 Pocket Light Meter

Model: R8150 | UPC: 800837002020

Measures up to 5,000 Fc / 50,000 Lux for basic light measuring applications.

REED SD-1128 Data Logging Light Meter-

REED SD-1128 Data Logging Light Meter

Model: SD-1128 | UPC: 800837001818

Real-time data logger with integrated SD memory card (optional) measures/records ambient light levels in Foot Candles or Lux and contact temperature with optional type J/K thermocouple probe.

Showing 1 to 5 of 5 products