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REED R5004-KIT Phase Rotation/Clamp Meter Kit-

REED R5004-KIT Phase Rotation/Clamp Meter Kit

Model: R5004-KIT | UPC: 800837002747

This Phase Rotation/Clamp Meter Kit includes a Phase Sequence Tester, AC Voltage Detector and Clamp Meter. All instruments and accessories in the R5004-KIT are conveniently stored and protected in a soft carrying case.



Model: ST-HVACKIT2 | UPC: 800837002143

This HVAC/R Combination Kit includes an Infrared Thermometer, a Leak Detector, a Gas Detector, and a Voltage Detector.



Model: ST-HVACKIT | UPC: 800837002136

This HVAC/R Combination Kit includes a multimeter, AC/DC clamp meter, non-contact AC voltage detector, thermocouple adapter, safety test lead set, beaded thermocouple wire probe and soft carrying case.

REED R8050-KIT Sound Level Meter and Calibrator Kit-

REED R8050-KIT Sound Level Meter and Calibrator Kit

Model: R8050-KIT | UPC: 800837002587

This kit comes equipped with a rugged carrying case and the tools you need to conveniently calibrate your sound level meter in the field. The R8050-KIT includes the R8050 Sound Level Meter, the R8090 Sound Level Calibrator (SC-05), the R8888 Hard Carrying Case with Laser Etched Custom Foam Interior (specifically designed for the included instruments), as well as a wind shield ball and batteries.

REED ST-ELECTRICKIT Electrician's Combo Kit-

REED ST-ELECTRICKIT Electrician's Combo Kit

Model: ST-ELECTRICKIT | UPC: 800837002105

The REED Electrician's Combo Kit has everything needed to get an electricians job done whether that be residential, commercial or industrial.

REED R5009-KIT Electrical Test Kit-

REED R5009-KIT Electrical Test Kit

Model: R5009-KIT | UPC: 800837004437

This electrical test kit includes the tools to troubleshoot common electrical problems. The R5009-KIT Electrical Test Kit includes a Compact Multimeter, AC Voltage Detector, Receptable Tester and Carrying Case to keep your instruments protected and organized.

REED RINDUST-KIT Industrial Combo Kit-

REED RINDUST-KIT Industrial Combo Kit

Model: RINDUST-KIT | UPC: 800837002723

This Industrial Combo Kit includes the tools required for your plant maintenance needs. The RINDUST-KIT includes a Multimeter, Clamp Meter, AC Voltage Detector, Infrared Thermometer and Hard Carrying Case. The carrying case features a customized foam insert built specifically to store and protect the included instruments.

REED RTEMP-KIT Temperature Combination Kit-

REED RTEMP-KIT Temperature Combination Kit

Model: RTEMP-KIT | UPC: 800837002716

This temperature kit includes a Multimeter, Infrared Themometer, Voltage Detector, Beaded Temperature Wire Probe and Hard Carrying Case. The Carrying Case features a customized foam insert built specifically to protect and store the included instruments.

REED ST-ELECTRICKIT2 Electrician's Combo Kit-

REED ST-ELECTRICKIT2 Electrician's Combo Kit

Model: ST-ELECTRICKIT2 | UPC: 800837002112

This all-in-one electricians combo kit includes a multimeter, temperature input adapter, type K thermocouple, safety test leads, fused test leads, AC current adapter, AC line splitter and carrying case.

REED ST-MULTIKIT Multimeter Combo Kit-

REED ST-MULTIKIT Multimeter Combo Kit

Model: ST-MULTIKIT | UPC: 800837002167

This combo kit includes a Multimeter, Clamp Meter, Voltage Detector, Line Splitter, Wire Probe, and Carrying Case.

Showing 1 to 10 of 10 products
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