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REED-ELECTRICAL-KIT Electrical Combo Kit


REED-ELECTRICAL-KIT Electrical Combo Kit-

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This electrical test combination kit consists of a selection of test tools bundled together to save you money and to saftisfy all of your electrical need.

REED Professional Electrician's Kit

This kit consists of a multitude of necessary tools for electrical professionals.

REED R2100 Thermal Imager

Featuring a resolution of 160 x 120 (19,200), color TFT LCD capacitive touch screen, high thermal sensitivity, built-in laser and visible light digital camera and 7.5mm lens, and 20x continuous zoom. A thermal sensitivity of <0.08°C means finding problems faster and easier, a key feature for inspection tools. The R2100 is optimized to measure temperatures from -4°F to 752°F (-20°C to 400°C)


  • The Focal Plane Array (FPA) uncooled microbolometer detector gives an IR resolution of 160 X 120 pixels for creating high resolution IR images
  • A thermal sensitivity of <0.08°C means finding problems faster and easier, a key feature for inspection tools
  • Optimized to measure temperatures from -4°F to 752°F (-20°C to 400°C)
  • 3.5" colour TFT LCD capacitive touch screen with sun visor
  • High thermal sensitivity (NETD) of <80mK
  • Built-in laser and white LED flashlight
  • Built-in visible light digital camera lens
  • 20X continuous zoom
  • Infrared and visual images, picture-in-picture as well as Visual Image with Infrared Overlay
  • Three spot, three area with min/max and average, two-line and isothermal measurement analysis
  • Automatic hot/cold spot indicator
  • Choice of six colour palettes including custom
  • Automatic image capture
  • Save images with voice annotations
  • Video recording with voice annotations
  • Micro SD memory card extension possible

REED LM-8000 Environmental Meter

4-in-1 multi-function environmental meter, brings together the features of an anemometer, thermo-hygrometer, light meter, and type-k digital thermometer.

  • High precision thin-film capacitance humidity sensor
  • Photo diode and colour correction filter light sensor
  • Velocity Units: m/s, kph, mph, knots, and fpm
  • °F or °C
  • Data Hold, Record (Max/Min)
  • Includes battery

REED R5010 True RMS Digital Multimeter

True-RMS AC/DC Multimeter with temperature measurement functions.

  • UL approved
  • IP67 dust and waterproof
  • True RMS measurements
  • Frequency, capacitance and temperature measurements
  • Max/Min recording
  • Peak hold
  • Analog bargraph
  • 4000-count display
  • Display backlight
  • Diode check
  • Continuity test
  • Relative zero
  • Data hold
  • Auto power off
  • Cat. IV 600V, Cat. III 1000V safety ratings
  • Includes AD-1 temperature input adapter, TP-01 Type K thermocouple wire probe, P-15 waterproof plugs, CA-05A carrying case, TL-88 1 test leads and 6AM6X 9V battery

REED CP-09 AC Current Adapter

AC Current clamp with a range from 0-200A AC and an output of 1 mVDC per 1A.

REED AC-006 AC Line Splitter

Designed for use with common clamp meters and capable of improving meter sensitivity by a factor of 10. Users will be able to measure AC current on a 2 or 3-wire power cord up to 15A.

REED R2100 Specifications

IR Resolution 160 x 120 pixels
Field of View 29.8 x 22.6°
Detector Type Uncooled micro-bolometer
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) <0.08°C (80mK)
Image Capture Frequency 50Hz
Focus Manual
Temperature Range -20 to 400°C (-4 to 752°F)
Accuracy ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading
Storage Medium 4GB micro SD card
Interface USB-mini, audio, composite video (PAL and NTSC), Micro SD slot
Drop Test 2m
Encapsulation IP65
Power Supply 7.4V lithium polymer battery
Battery Life 4 hours
Dimensions/Weight 243 x 103 x 160mm/920g

This REED-ELECTRICAL-KIT Electrical Combo Kit Includes

REED R2100 Thermal Imaging Camera

4 image modes (infrared/visual camera/infrared overlay/picture in picture), choice of 6 color palettes.

REED LM-8000 6-in-1 Multi-Function Environmental Meter

Fast responding, pocket size design allows for one-handed operation.

REED R5010 True RMS Waterproof Digital Multimeter

True RMS multimeter with built-in non-contact voltage detector and 40,000 count backlit LCD display.

REED CP-09 AC Current Adapter

Converts multimeter into AC clamp meter.

REED AC-006 Line Splitter

The AC Line Splitter enables a clamp meter user to measure AC current on a 2-wire or 3-wire power cord to 15A.

Calibration Lab

When you purchase a REED product it comes included with a one year warranty. We back our products.