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REED-BUILDING-KIT Building Combo Kit


REED-BUILDING-KIT Building Combo Kit-

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This building combination kit consists of a selection of test tools bundled together to save you money and to saftisfy all of your building inspection and maintenance needs.

Sorry! This product has been discontinued. Contact Us for more information.

REED Building Inspection & Maintenance Kit

This building inspection kit brings together some of the best REED building inspection and maintenance tools.

REED R2100 Thermal Imager

Featuring a resolution of 160 x 120 (19,200), color TFT LCD capacitive touch screen, high thermal sensitivity, built-in laser and visible light digital camera and 7.5mm lens, and 20x continuous zoom. A thermal sensitivity of <0.08°C means finding problems faster and easier, a key feature for inspection tools. The R2100 is optimized to measure temperatures from -4°F to 752°F (-20°C to 400°C)


  • The Focal Plane Array (FPA) uncooled microbolometer detector gives an IR resolution of 160 X 120 pixels for creating high resolution IR images
  • A thermal sensitivity of <0.08°C means finding problems faster and easier, a key feature for inspection tools
  • Optimized to measure temperatures from -4°F to 752°F (-20°C to 400°C)
  • 3.5" colour TFT LCD capacitive touch screen with sun visor
  • High thermal sensitivity (NETD) of <80mK
  • Built-in laser and white LED flashlight
  • Built-in visible light digital camera lens
  • 20X continuous zoom
  • Infrared and visual images, picture-in-picture as well as Visual Image with Infrared Overlay
  • Three spot, three area with min/max and average, two-line and isothermal measurement analysis
  • Automatic hot/cold spot indicator
  • Choice of six colour palettes including custom
  • Automatic image capture
  • Save images with voice annotations
  • Video recording with voice annotations
  • Micro SD memory card extension possible

REED R6010 Moisture Detector

Detects moisture content in building materials of all kinds. Capable of detecting moisture distribution in walls, ceilings and floors. The moisture detector will run smoothly over a surface without scratching or penetrating.

  • Classifies moisture status as: dry, at risk or wet
  • Display Hold button
  • Max/Min function with alarm indication
  • LCD display with backlighting
  • Low battery indication with auto power off

REED 8706 Digital Psychrometer

Capable of simultaneously displaying %RH, temperature, dew point, wet bulb, or measurements from an external probe.

  • Measures dew point and wet bulb temperatures
  • LED backlight
  • Display Hold
  • Max/Min function
  • Auto shut off conserves battery life
  • "Pull-up" sensor protector cap
  • Includes: carrying case & batteries

REED R6013 Moisture Detector (ST-123)

Measure the moisture content of sawn timber, cardboard, paper, plaster, concrete and mortar with the 8mm long integrated electrode.

  • Electrical resistance measuring principle
  • Impact-proof plastic housing
  • Auto power-off
  • 8mm long integrated electrode is replaceable

REED R2100 Specifications

IR Resolution (Array Size) 19,200 (160 x 120)
Thermal Sensitivity <0.08°C (80mK)
Field of View 29.8°H x 22.6°V; Optional lenses available
Temperature Range -20 to 150°C 0 to 400°C
Accuracy ±2% rdg. or 2°C
Measurement Modes 5 Modes: 3 spots, 2 lines, 3 area boxes (max/miNoverage), auto hot/cold, isotherm (high/low/interval)
Frame Refresh 50 Hz
Thermal Palettes Gray, Gray Inverted, Iron, Blue-Red, Sepia, Rainbow, Feather, user defined
Focus Manual
Display Screen 3.5" LCD touchscreen
Visual Camera Yes
Digital Zoom 20x continuous
Image Fusion Yes
Picture-in-Picture Yes
Memory Storage 4GB SD card, >1000 images
Video Output Yes
Colour Alarm Yes
Led Illuminator Yes
Laser Pointer Yes
Video Recording Yes
Annotations Text, Voice

This REED-BUILDING-KIT Building Combo Kit Includes

REED R2100 Thermal Imaging Camera

4 image modes (infrared/visual camera/infrared overlay/picture in picture), choice of 6 color palettes.

REED 8706 Digital Psychrometer / Thermo-Hygrometer, Wet Bulb, Dew Point, Temperature, Humidity

Accurate and fast responding with optional probe for contact/differential temperature measurements.

REED R6013 Wood Moisture Meter (ST-123)

This moisture detector detects the moisture content of sawn timber, cardboard paper, hardened materials like plaster, concrete and mortar. It has a great impact-proof plastic housing.

REED R6010 Pinless Moisture Meter

Non-invasive pinless moisture detector with backlit LCD display.

Calibration Lab
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