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REED R9500 BRIX Refractometer, 0-32%-

REED R9500 BRIX Refractometer, 0-32%

Model: R9500

This BRIX refractometer shows the concentration percentange of the soluable solids content of a sample. Range: 0 to 32%

REED R9600 Salinity Refractometer, 0-28%-

REED R9600 Salinity Refractometer, 0-28%

Model: R9600

This salinity refractometer should be used to measure artificial seawater in aquariums, holding tanks and breeding ponds.

REED R9700 Battery/Antifreeze Refractometer with ATC, C°-

REED R9700 Battery/Antifreeze Refractometer with ATC, C°

Model: R9700

Monitor the freezing point of both Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol in your battery with this coolant checker.

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