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REED R5820 Loop Calibrator-

REED R5820 Loop Calibrator

Model: R5820

This loop calibrator features mA sourcing, simulation and measurement. It has a 24V loop power supply and selectable step or ramp outputs.

REED R5800 Voltage/Current Simulator, 10V/20mA-

REED R5800 Voltage/Current Simulator, 10V/20mA

Model: R5800

This voltage/current simulator sources voltage and current and has a 5 digit LCD readout.

REED R2810 Thermocouple Calibrator-

REED R2810 Thermocouple Calibrator

Model: R2810

This Thermocouple Calibrator is capable of sourcing and measuring 8 different types of thermocouples. The R2810 features a large easy-to-read LCD display, a basic accuracy of 0.05% and includes the essentials to test and calibrate your temperature sensors.

REED R8800 Voltage/Current Calibrator, 199.99mV/19.99mA-

REED R8800 Voltage/Current Calibrator, 199.99mV/19.99mA

Model: R8800

The Current/Voltage Calibrator can bring measured values as close as possible to the true value, and provides a precision source for current and voltage measurements.

Showing 1 to 4 of 4 products
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