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Moisture Meters

REED Instruments offers a selection of moisture detectors to suit your application. REED pin moisture meters are highly accurate and can detect moisture content in wood and numerous building materials. If you're looking for a non-destructive testing method, the REED 6010 is a pinless moisture detector capable of measuring moisture content in building materials by simply running the sensor over the material under test.

All REED moisture detectors are backed by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

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REED REED-INSPECT-KIT Home Inspection Kit-



This Home Inpection Kit Includes an Infrared Thermometer, Digital Psychrometer, Pinless Moisture Meter, Laser Distance Measurer, Wood Moisture Detector, Carrying Case.

REED R6010 Pinless Moisture Meter-

REED R6010 Pinless Moisture Meter

Model: R6010

Non-invasive pinless moisture detector with backlit LCD display.

REED R6015 Wood Moisture Detector-

REED R6015 Wood Moisture Detector

Model: R6015

Designed specifically to measure moisture in approximately 170 species of wood.

REED R6018 Dual Moisture Meter, Pin/Pinless-

REED R6018 Dual Moisture Meter, Pin/Pinless

Model: R6018

Pin and Pinless functions detect moisture in wood and building materials (i.e. sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete and mortar).

REED R6018-KIT Water Damage/Restoration Kit-

REED R6018-KIT Water Damage/Restoration Kit

Model: R6018-KIT

This water damage/restoration kit includes instruments used by professional water damage restoration contractors. The R6018-KIT includes a Dual Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter, Digital Psychrometer and Soft Carrying Case.

REED R6013 Pocket Size Moisture Detector-

REED R6013 Pocket Size Moisture Detector

Model: R6013

Large LCD displays moisture in wood and other building materials.

Showing 1 to 6 of 6 products